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There are two types of memberships to the site:

Creative Genius Membership - This is the membership
for artists and craftspeople seeking careers in the handmade
industries*. These are the people for whom the value of the site
was created - these are people like me. For combing the internet
each day for opportunities for my fellow artists, weeding out spam
and expired listings, and providing direct contact to the hiring
process of each company, I charge each creative genius as

1 month - $20
3 months - $57
6 months - $108
1 year - $204

The current career categories include:
Creative Jobs
Executive & Management

There are currently more than 150 opportunities on the site! Sign up and start browsing. New opportunities added every day!

On the Shortcuts Page, I provide email addresses at Art and Craft
Companies that you can send a formatted resume DIRECTLY to.

Spend your days surrounded by the creative products you love!!!
Creative Genius Membership

*Each Creative Genius is screened - please be ready to provide
links to your work or a creative resume to ensure employers are
receiving the most suitable applicants possible. Legitimate
applicants are accepted for membership right away, but no refunds
will be given if you pay for a subscription and are rejected
because you do not meet our criteria. So spammers, thanks for your
donation to our site :)

Once you pay, sign up for a membership, and find a dreamy crafty MATCH!

Answering Prayers Memberships
You are here because you are looking for employees who understand
your products. You don't want people with mismatched backgrounds,
and you want people who are as passionate about your business as
you are.

Our team personally screens each candidate for membership to make
sure there are no robots, no recruiters, and more importantly - a
creative background.

You can get your opportunities in front of the right people by
making your listing stand out with three types of Answering Prayers

Answering Prayers (per Month)

Once you pay, sign up for a membership, and find a dreamy crafty MATCH!

Each membership (Creative Genius and Answering Prayers) are for the
time period specified, no partial months, no refunds.

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